The following is a transcript of Finley's World: The Movie.

Part 1: Opening

(Shows Warner Bros. Pictures logo)

(Shows Cartoon Network Original logo)

(Fades into the sky and scroll down to 120 Richard Street)


(scene switches to Finley getting the party decorations ready)

Text: a CARTOON NETWORK production

(scene switches to Fraser and Satin Guy helping with the food and drinks)

Satin Guy: Hm.. I think we need 80 liters of punch.

(Fraser does the Are You Serious face)

Satin Guy: What!?!

(Finley's World: The Movie zooms in)

(scene switches to the sky and camera goes down to 123 Finley's World)

Part 2: The Party

Narrator: Ahh.. The city of 123 Finley’s World and today is Amanda’s birthday and they are celebrating the party. 

(cuts to Amanda walking) 

Narrator: And here’s Amanda, she’ll would be celebrating the party. 

Amanda: This will better be good! 

(she knocks and she’s been grabbed by a hand and cuts to Amanda with her confused face) 

Amanda: Oh.. My… God! 

(Red Zone music plays and cuts and camera pans everyone in the party dances and go crazy) 

(cuts to Brian running) 

Brian: I’m going crazy! 

(cuts to Gree Guy standing and he crashes to Gree Guy) 

(cuts to Geo Guy dancing crazy) 

(cuts to everyone in the party dances and go crazy and Finley runs in) 

Finley: Happy Birthday Mum! 

Amanda: Aww.. Thanks guys! 

(cuts to outside of the house and camera zooms out and Lucas Guy walks in) 

Lucas Guy: I think they forgotten something.

Part 3: The forgotten

(Scene cuts to the door) 

(Lucas Guy opens the door) 

Lucas Guy: Guys, there’s something I need to. 

(cuts to Finley dancing crazy) 

Lucas Guy: Guys?! 


(Finley presses the stop button on the beatbox thing and record scratch plays and cuts to everyone in the party (expect for Lucas Guy)) 

Everyone in the party (expect for Lucas Guy): What? 

Lucas Guy: FOCUS! 

Everyone in the party (expect for Lucas Guy):  OK! 

Lucas Guy: Right, as what I’m saying, you guys must of forgotten something. 

(cuts to Finley and his family and his best friend) 

Finley: How could we forgot something, Lucas Guy! 

Lucas Guy: Well, Geo Guy will ask you the truth. 

(cuts to Geo Guy) 

Geo Guy: Thanks, Lucas. Guy. Anyway, you have forgotten something, so I’ll tell you the truth. 

Finley: OK, Tell me. 

(Geo Guy whispers to Finley’s ear and then cuts to Geo Guy) 

Geo Guy: What do ya say? 

(cuts to Finley)  

Finley: No! 

Geo Guy: What? 

Finley: I mean yes. 

Geo Guy: Well, there you go. 

Finley: Yeah, I admitted it. 

Finley: By the way, has anyone seen Molly

(cuts to Molly walking her normal way, then she stands up and puts her hat on, and go inside the secret entrance and cuts to Molly going to the chair and message pops up) 

Major Fredrick: Good afternoon, Agent M, the evil Bob Beanson is up to no tricks, he build the Naked-inator to make everyone in Amanda’s birthday party naked. Heh, they’ll be wearing a birthday suit. Anyway, on your way Agent M. 

(cuts to Molly going to her secret agent car and the floor on the car goes up and cuts to the road of Richard Street and the floor door on the road opens and the car pops up and goes away to downtown and Satin Guy’s car too and cuts to Finley and Satin Guy on the car) 

Satin Guy: I didn’t know that I believe it. 

Finley: I swear Bob Beanson must of done something wrong. 

Satin Guy: Oh I say, what did he done wrong? 

Finley: I don’t know! 

Satin Guy: You don’t know? 

Finley: Well, you’ll see. 

(camera zooms and rotates and plays scary horror music) 

Finley (whispering): You will see! 

(shows static and an Finley doll appears and static goes away and shows the Beanson Evil Inc. building and evil jingle plays and cuts to Molly going in and cuts to Bob Beanson)

Part 4: The Inator Test

Bob Beanson: Ahh, Molly the Dog what a big surprise and by surprise, I mean completely surprising! 

(Bob Beanson pulls the lever and Molly gets trapped and cuts to Bob Beanson) 

Bob Beanson: I see why are you doing here, huh? Well, time for a back story. 

(Flashback begins and shows Bob Beanson walking) 

Bob Beanson: Back in Halloween night I was trick or treating, but, until a big burst blasted to me and then I was naked! 

Bob Beanson: That’s how I build, the Naked-inator! 

(cuts to Bob Beanson) 

Bob Beanson: I could test it, if I’m interested. 

(he shoots the inator and shooted to Person #1) 

Person #1: Oh no! What just happened to me? 

(Person #2 grins) 

Person #2: You’re naked! 

(Everyone laughs and points) 

Person #1: Why are you laughing? 

(cuts to Bob Beanson) 

Bob Beanson: It worked! 

Bob Beanson: Now for 120 Richard Street 

(cuts to Molly and cuts to Fraser walking)

Part 5: Finding the buliding

Fraser: Hmm.. The building must be here somewhere. 

Fraser: Ahh.. Finley! Satin Guy! 

(car gets here) 

Finley: What is it? 

Fraser: The building is in, wait for it, Jack Street. 

Finley: That’s good, now get in the car! 

(Fraser goes in the car and it goes and cuts to Beanson Evil Inc.) 

Bob Beanson: Now, let’s shoot! 

(Molly jumps and kicks Bob Beanson) 

Bob Beanson: Ow! Molly the Dog? How did you get out of my trap? 

Bob Beanson: Ooh. It’s on now! 

(Molly and Bob Beanson fight each other and cuts to Beanson Evil Inc. and car comes here) 

Finley: There it is! 

(Finley, Fraser and Satin Guy comes out of the car and gets in the building) 

Finley: Let’s get in the lift! 

(Finley, Fraser and Satin Guy gets in the lift and Finley press a button and they wait and lift music plays and they get out of the lift and goes in to Bob Beanson’s evil lair) 

Bob Beanson: You’re going down! 

Finley (off-screen): Not so fast! 

Bob Beanson: Oh great, who are you three?

Part 6: The fight against fire with fire

Finley: We are Finley, Fraser and Satin Guy. Hmm.. Trying make the birthday party naked, eh? Well, it’s over now, Bob Beanson! 

Bob Beanson: What? No it’s not! 

Finley: Oh, really? Well it is! 

Bob Beanson: It’s not! 

Finley: It is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Not! 

Finley: Is! 

Bob Beanson: Arrrgggh! I have enough! 

Bob Beanson: Leeet’s FIGHT! 

Finley: Oh yeah, it’s on! 






Bob Beanson: AAAAHHH- 

Finley: AAAHH- 

Bob Beanson: AAH- 

Finley: AH- 

Bob Beanson: A- 

Finley: A- 

Both (fading volume): aaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHH- 

(they banged their heads and gone down) 

Finley: Ow! 

Part 7: Bob Beanson is naked!

(cuts to Molly turns the inator around and it shoots to Bob Beanson) 

Bob Beanson: Huh? AAAAHHHH! 

Finley: Good job, Molly! Who’s a good dog, You are! 

Molly: Woof! Woof! 

Finley: You wanna go home? OK! 

(camera zooms out the part of the building) 


Part 8: Back to the Party/Ending


(camera goes down to 120 Richard Street and Finley knocks the door and someone opens the door) 

Geo Guy: Hello, do want you to come in? 

Finley: Yes. 

(they go in the house) 

Finley: Now, I’m back! 

Finley: Let’s party! 

(Everyone dances and Six Flags advert music plays and camera zooms out of the house) 

Text: The End 

(fade out) 

Part 9: Credits

(Note: "Ocean Man" by Ween plays during the credits.)

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