Oh my golly gosh!
―Finley's catchphrase
Shut the Chitty up!
―Finley's catchphrase
Hello, I'm Finley. The King of 123 Finley's World
―Finley's catchphrase
My gosh!
―Finley's catchphrase
Finley Small
Finley Small
Creation: Finley Small
Age: 14
Episode count: All except "The Curse of Santed Sailor"
Friends and Relatives: Satin Guy and Dr. Beanson (Friends)
Enemies: Santed Sailor, Beanson, Pube Beanson, Bob Beanson, Laramine, Siri
Family: Molly (pet)

Gum (other pet) Amanda Windsor (mother) Fraser Brown (brother)

Voiced by: Finley Small
Ami Koshimizu (Japanese dub)
This article is about the charatcer. You may be looking for the creator.

Finley is the leader of the trio (Finley, Fraser and Dr. Beanson) and he is 14 years old. He was born in August 25, 2000. He is Fraser's brother and Satin Guy's best friend Like Green Bob, Finley likes to think of good schemes. He also lives in New York City. He likes pizza and chesseburgers.

Finley's Autobiography


When Finley met Jakelsm

In The Season 1 Finale of Finley's World, Finley met Jakelsm, But Then Something's Going On With It (i think!) As for 2000TopGearDog has no idea what's with lucashurford6 (now lucashurford8 and it's now lukecity2012 (i think!)) nothing with something that is not possible.

He met Jakelsm in "Reading Windows Errors".



  • He isn't a US citzen. He is from Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • He can speak British but maybe when he sounds American.
  • He loved girls since he was 1
  • Finley is awesome!
  • Finley met Little Guy on the Anti Memy Army in Greeny Phatom The Movie 3. Note: He is not on the Anti Memy Team.
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